Händler für Männer Kleidung

Händler für Männerbe kleidung Piere Cassi, der in unserem Land seit 1970 die besten und stilvollsten Kollektionen... 

Pierre Cassi Free Men’s Clothing Dealership

Pierre Cassi Free Men’s Clothing Dealership   Piere Cassi, who has been preparing and presenting the finest and most... 

Erkek giyim bayilikleri

Erkek giyim bayilikleri İş fikirleri adı altında bir çok kişi ve kurum karlı yatırım fikirleri almak ister erkek... 

Bayilik veren erkek giyim firmaları

Bayilik veren erkek giyim firmaları Erkek Giyim Bayilik Tanımı: Pierre Cassi mağazacılık, kendi işinizin patronu olabilir... 

Pierre Cassi Ücretsiz Erkek giyim bayilik

Pierre Cassi Ücretsiz Erkek giyim bayilik 1970 yılından bugüne ülkemizde erkek giyim sektöründe en kaliteli ve şık... 

Pierre Cassi Free Men’s Clothing Dealership

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Pierre Cassi Free Men’s Clothing Dealership


Piere Cassi, who has been preparing and presenting the finest and most stylish collections in men’s clothing sector in our country since 1970, continues to create differences in being a leader in men’s clothing. Pierre Cassi is the choice of charismatic men who cares about the selectivity of fashionable gentlemen who are always social, active and sporty. Classic suits, special invitations, the most elegant teams, sports suits and jackets, classic, sports shirts, the desired size, the width of the color range designed with the highest quality fabrics has been the most needed sector. Our company, which is active in the clothing sector, provides business opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to start a new business, and we help you to generate revenue by offering you the opportunity to open a dealership by offering you great opportunities.

Founded in 1970 by Pierre Casse brand URAL Hussein, Turkey and continues to provide dealerships and franchises in many regions in Europe. Dealership work is free.

It is our company’s priority to fulfill the conditions determined by those who want to take a dealership, but if these conditions are fulfilled, we can help you establish your business as a partner. There is a high level of trade potential of the store to be opened, being at least 100 m2 and attention to the attractiveness of the interior decoration of the store, the pedestrian traffic is the most intense and especially the entrance, even if there are steps, the wheelchair and baby carriage can enter the store easily with the flatness. The design of the window to appeal to the eye is within the requirements of Pierre Cassi.

Our wholesale and retail sales in every country of our country and internationally, we help you by offering the appropriate options without forcing your budget at the most attractive price. Our company is to facilitate the work of small traders in the field by contributing to the right way to contribute without forcing. We provide the signage and advertisements of the dealerships we provide as company and we make the assemblies free of charge. You can call our contact numbers for further information

Phone: +902124582525 Turkey/ İstanbul

Whatsapp : +905323008665


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